Testimonials: “About Fred Kofman”

Testimonials: “About Fred Kofman”


Learn more about Fred Kofman from our clients.

Emotional Intelligence with Horses

Here you will find a video of Fred Kofman and Magda Enciso’s experience of emotional intelligence with horses.


Many thanks to IEC Corporate Emotional Intelligence for such a nice experience!

Intro Your job is not your job

Introduction by Jeff Weiner

The Personal Purpose

The place we live in is a witness to our relentless evolution and development. We are beings that have the ability to search for challenges and to propose things not seen previously. We define who we are and we have the ability to decide where we are going.

How to take advantage of what happens to us?

How to Make The Unconscious Conscious So Your Subconscious Doesn't Run Your Business

We share a video of Fred where he talks about the relevance of consciousness when managing a company. Fred gave this presentation during the Wisdom 2.0 Conference in 2016. Enjoy!

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