Conscious Business Center International

Conscious Business Center is a community that aims to promote freedom and prosperity, forming leaders that derive economic value from ethical values.

Led by Fred Kofman and with the help of the team of coaches, Conscious Business Center offers its members the best practices in the world in leadership and coaching.


Our vision is a society in which the benefit is a consequence and evidence of the service provided.
We seek to help companies to reach their full potential, developing leaders that inspire material, emotional, intellectual and moral excellence.


Our values ​​are unconditional responsibility, radical respect, essential integrity and rational humility.

We present CBC staff:

Fred Kofman President

Magda Enciso CEO

Erika Cortés Chieff of staff / Community Manager

Brenda SlettemarkFinance and Sales Manager

Patricia Husni Academic Manager

Paola Enciso Community Manager

Monika Jankauskaite Project Lead

Gonzalo Díaz Specialist in Marketing

Learn about the experience of those who already participated in the program and watch Fred Kofman speak directly about the program through this video.


To live consciously means to be open to perceive the world around us, to understand our circumstances and to decide how to respond to them by honoring our needs, values and goals.

Fred Kofman