Advanced leadership program that will allow you to apply distinctions of Conscious Business in a daily practice with your teams. You will learn to lead by improving effectiveness, caring for collaborative relationships with your team and peers, as well as the well-being of all involved.


It is designed for CEO’s, directors, and middle management. 32 weeks of putting the principles of conscious leadership into practice.

The groups, which will consist of 5 leaders, will be able to start the program at a convenient date

- 3 online sessions (each 90 minutes) for each study group with special participation of Fred Kofman.
○ The first session will be scheduled after the first meeting with the coach.
○ The second session will take place at the end of phase 1 of the program.
○ The third session will be a closing session for all groups that have completed CBL program up to the date of graduation.

- 17 sessions of 90 minutes in small groups (once per week) facilitated by an expert CB Coach. During these sessions participants will strengthen their skills that will allow them to become inspiring and transcendent leaders.

- Cascade phase of the program will be tailored together with the coach
○ Leader and coach will have a session to define the challenges of the team
○ Flexibility to choose how to use these meetings during the cascade phase.
○ The leader may choose:
■ 8 sessions of 90 minutes with the team
■ 12 hours of individual coaching
○ A combination of individual and group sessions

- 2 facilitated group sessions with the original team of leaders to share the best practice.

- At the end of the program, the leader and coach will have an individual wrap-up session.



20 modules, 18-month access to the online learning platform
PHASE 1 - 17 sessions of 90 minutes (once per week) , in groups of up to 5 people, facilitated by an expert CB Coach. During these sessions participants will strengthen the skills that will allow them to become inspiring and transcendent leaders.
- 20 modules
1. Introduction
2. Leadership
3. Culture
4. Responsibility
5. Humility
6. Communication
7. Collaboration
8. Resolution
9. Coordination
10. Essentialism
11. Co-Evaluation
12. Emotions
13. Meditation
14. Perspectives
15. Stoicism
16. Team
17. Coaching
18. Capitalism
19. Anti-capitalism
20. West
- First online session with Fred Kofman of 90 minutes with a group of 5 leaders after the first session with the coach.
- Second online session with Fred Kofman of 90 minutes with a group of 5 leaders at the end of phase 1.
Online learning with the guidance of coach
PHASE 2: Cascade phase (The leader and his/her team will put into practice what he/she learned during the first phase of the CBL program. Leader and the team will aim to solve specific challenges and achieve greater effectiveness, all while being accompanied by a facilitating coach) - The leader will have 1 individual session with a facilitating coach
○ After 17 sessions, a coach facilitator will meet individually each of the 5 leaders.
During this meeting, the leader together with the coach will define how he/she wants to approach the second phase. They will define specific challenges with the team and which of the distinctions will be practiced under the guidance of the coach.

- Cascade phase: A leader can choose how he/she wants to use the 12 hours allocated to this phase. There are three alternatives.
○ 8 accompanied sessions of 90 minutes with the team to work on challenges. During these sessions the objective is to generate conversations and to develop collaboration and coordination to obtain better results. ○ 12 individual sessions with the coach. ○ A combination of individual and team sessions.
- 2 best practice sharing sessions.: During the cascade phase, the facilitating coach will have 2 additional sessions with the original team of leaders to share best practices with their respective teams. We recommend to hold one of these sessions after the second week of the cascade phase.
Cascade phase
PROGRAM WRAP-UP - 1 final individual closing session. Every leader who started CBL program will have an individual session with the coach to finalize the process.Together they will analyze:
What worked?
What lessons were learnt?
How will he/she follow up on his/her team?
During this co-evaluation session the leader and the coach will talk about the leader at the beginning of the program vs. how he/she perceives himself/herself after finishing the program.

- Online group session of 90 minutes, with Fred Kofman to finalize the program.

Optional to the program

“The Leadership Circle Profile”: Start this program with one of the most powerful 360° profile assessment tools on the market, focusing on management style and personality, competencies, or underlying tendencies.


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USD 4000
per person



USD 4400
per person

  • Includes "Leadership Circle Profile" tool


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