Conscious Business Academy

Conscious Business Academy program focuses on Fred Kofman's fundamental principles of Conscious Business.
a compilation of the work that Fred Kofman has done over 25 years with the main companies around the world. It is also a manifestation of the main concepts of his book Conscious Business.
During the program the goal is to learn and develop the skills that have led companies and senior executives to success beyond success. It combines theory and practice, as well as strengthens its contents with the support of certified CB Coaches.

Program Objetives

The competences that will be acquired during the program are: Developing leadership anchored in values ​​of responsibility, integrity and humility.

Developing and refining interpersonal skills such as authentic communication, constructive negotiation and impeccable coordination that will allow greater interaction and dialogue among the members of a community.

Program participants will learn distinctions that allow to develop strategies to transform individual potential into collective performance.

Online Student Platform

Webinars: Live online sessions with coaches facilitators once a month.
Individual facilitation sessions: Throughout the course, it is possible to receive two individual facilitation sessions by a certified CB Coach (optional).
Individual tasks: Each module offers articles and videos. At the end of each module, to strengthen what was learned, a participant will complete a quiz and will be able to download an auto-reflection sheet that also might serve as a reminder of the main points of the program.

CBA Guarantee

The program designed and implemented by Fred Kofman, who is considered as the best business coach in the world.
The methodology was designed for and tested by the top executives around the world at companies such as Linkedin, Google, Facebook, Yahoo, Microsoft, Axa, Citicorp, AMP Australia, AIG UK, Mandiri Bank Indonesia, General Motors, Chrysler, PWC, Vodafone Australia, Pao de Azucar Brazil, Alfa Mexico Group, Proeza Mexico Group, Pepsico Mexico, Heineken Mexico, Master Blenders Holland, Telefónica Spain, among others.


Participant of the Conscious Business Academy Program. At the end of the program and after completing the assessments for each of the 14 modules, you will be able to download a certificate issued by the Conscious Business Center (CBC) and signed by Fred Kofman, President of the CBC.

Program Structure

MODULE 1 Introduction to Conscious Business concepts.
How to bring wisdom and compassion to the business world?
An invitation to live consciously in business
Energy for action
Success in 3D
To be to do to have
Coaching conversation: A more conscious way to do business
Arianna Huffington on Conscious Business Academy
MODULE 2 Leader's perspective and how they inspire their teams and elicit internal commitment.
Your job is not your job
Just let me do my job
Hang together or hang separately!
A true leader has no followers
Leaders turn anxiety into confidence
Coaching conversation: How to communicate as a leader
MODULE 3 The traits of a successful culture, how to build a successful culture, and the potential rewards and risks of doing so.
Culture: Key to organizational success
Rewards and risks of leading an effective culture
The right culture for your team in 3 simple steps
Setting the culture is not enough, you have to make it go viral
Coaching conversation: How to set standards collaboratively
MODULE 4 Response-Ability How to take charge of your life to succeed beyond your wildest dreams.
The ultimate human ability
How to take charge of your life regardless of circumstances
How to succeed beyond your wildest dreams
How to become your own hero
Integrity is not enough
Coaching conversation: DIs there too much on your plate?
Coaching conversation: Heroism in the face of racism
MODULE 5 Recognize when you are jumping to conclusions and how to make better value-based assessments.
What do you really value?
Despicable ME - The rest of the story
Are you a knower or a learner?
The secret of productive conversations: Climb to conclusions
The ladder of inference
How to curb prejudice with humility
MODULE 6 Improve your communication, including listening and expressing more effectively, and learning how to inquire productively.
How to manage difficult conversations with honesty and respect
How to really listen in a difficult conversation
How to inquire productively
How to express your truth with honesty and respect
How to invite inquiry
Verbal Aikido: How to respond to reasonable and unreasonable challenges
Coaching conversation: Conscious performance improvement: A mutual learning conversation
MODULE 7 Collaborate and resolve conflicts effectively.
How to collaborate through conflict
How to identify and eliminate the sources of conflict
Never negotiate without a safety net
How to resolve organizational conflicts as one team
When not to listen to your employees
Coaching conversation: How to resolve conflict between teammates
MODULE 8 Making requests and commitments. The learning how to yourself and others accountable.
How to make an effective request
How to elicit effective commitments
How to commit with integrity
How to make an effective apology
How to make an effective complaint
Coaching conversation: How to establish and maintain commitments
MODULE 9 How to have better performance enhancing conversations.
There is no such thing as constructive feedback
How to structure an improvement conversation
Turn blame and threat into appreciate and suggest
What to do when things are not working for you
Feedback: A combustion engine is much better than a bomb
Coaching conversation: How to improve performance.
Coaching: How to be assertive without harming relationship
MODULE 10 Distance yourself from looking at things through your own lens, and be able to adopt multiple perspectives.
The five perspectives that make smart people smart
What you see is not what is
No empathy without sympathy
Be more effective thinking "What would they think?"
The wisdom of the witness
What would a Bodhisattva do?
MODULE 11 Understand your emotions.
You can't be rational if you're not emotional
Every emotion is useful if you know what to do with it
Every emotion is a love story
Guilt is healthy, shame is not
Don't forget to celebrate
Neither explosion nor repression: Conscious expression
How to help others manage their emotions
Coaching conversation: When you lose your breath, you lose your head
MODULE 12 How to be more mindful and emotionally intelligent.
Metaphysical exercise
How to make mindful choices
How to relax under pressure
Key takeaways from Team of Teams by General Stanley McChrystal
The objective of the team is "to win well"
What Google learned from its quest to build the perfect team
Where the energy of a team comes from
Decide, perform and commit
What is psychological safety and why is it the key to great teamwork?
Teamwork is interdependent
Is your team coordinating too much, or not enough?
Debrief: Enhancing team learning
Executive meetings
Cut your meeting time by 90%
How to design an agenda for an effective meeting
Put your meeting on the wall
What is coaching?
Communication and negotiation
The GROW model
Steps of the GROW model
Applying the GROW coaching model to your organization
How can a leader accompany his collaborators while using the philosophy of coaching?
Coaching for managers
BONUS MODULES Bonus 1: Health
Bonus 2: Exercise
Bonus 3: Ethics
Bonus 4: Economy


USD 440With facilitation

  • Includes two facilitation sessions with a certified CB Coach


USD 340Doesnt include facilitation

  • Does not include facilitation.
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More about the program

To live consciously means to be open to perceive the world around us, to understand our circumstances and to decide how to respond to them by honoring our needs, values and goals.

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